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Lucas Valley Open Space Valley Preserve

by on July 08, 2012

Visit in the springtime for wildflowers and enjoy the shade of coast live oaks and California bay trees year round.

Visitors can hike the multiple use Big Rock Trail, part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, to the 1825 foot summit at Big Rock Ridge, the second highest point in Marin County. 

Acres : 853

Access Status : Open Access

Agency : Marin County Open Space District

Agency Website : http://marinparks.org

Park Website : http://www.marincountyparks.org/Depts/PK/Divisions/Open-Space/Lucas-Valley

Park Map Link : http://www.marincounty.org/~/media/Images/Departments/PK/Open%20Space/Lucas%20Valley/BigRockRidgeArea_%2001_19_10.ashx

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