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Terra Linda Ridge/Sleepy Hollow Divide

by on July 08, 2012

Vistas of rolling golden hills dotted with live oaks make this large patch of open space scenic and serene despite its close proximity to the surrounding neighborhoods.

Because of its many convenient access points, the preserve’s trails and open fire roads attract a variety of hikers, mountain bikers, dog walkers and even folks on horseback.  But if you time it right, there’s a good chance you will have the trails all to yourself.

Acres : 1080

Access Status : Open Access

Agency : Marin County Open Space District

Agency Website : http://marinparks.org

Park Website : http://www.marincountyparks.org/Depts/PK/Divisions/Open-Space/Terra-Linda-Sleepy-Hollow

Park Map Link : http://www.marincounty.org/~/media/Images/Departments/PK/Open%20Space/Terra%20Linda%20Sleepy%20Hollow%20Divide/TerraLinda-Sleepy_01_19_10.ashx

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