April-June 2013

Our spring 2013 issue journeys to Clear Lake, where grebes nest by the thousands, all kinds of wildlife are plentiful. A growing network of trails on land and water is turning the region into a great destination for birders, kayakers, and hikers too. The spring issue also brings you up close with wildlife: We meet the “acoustic ecologists” recording and preserving the natural soundscapes of places like Muir Woods. Then we head out with East Bay naturalists to learn to read the tracks and signs wildlife leave behind. Our climate change series highlights the California Phenology Project, a program that transforms regular people into data-gatherers helping chart the timing of plant blooms and other cycles already shifting thanks to climate change.


The spring 2013 issue takes you to Clear Lake for great birding and kayaking, introduces you to the fascinating people helping record and preserve natural soundscapes, helps you learn a more about the tracks and signs wildlife leave behind, and more!

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