April-June 2017

Bay Nature’s April-June issue is full of stories about the success and resilience found in nature and the conservation movement. They’re reminders of our strengths and how to sustain them. After years of work to acquire, clean up, and restore the summit of Mount Umunhum in the Santa Cruz Mountains, the land and a new trail will be open to the public this fall. Another story covers the making of the McLaughlin Eastshore State Park, a prolonged battle to prevent 8.5 miles of the East Bay shoreline from development. Double-crested cormorants have made a remarkable comeback in the Bay Area and nationwide, but the fate of a preferred nesting area here is tangled up in the historic dismantling of the old Bay Bridge, where the birds have sustained a colony for at least 30 years. We also celebrate the outstanding contributions of four individuals to the regional conservation movement with our annual Local Heroes Awards. Read about the good works of David Lewis with Save The Bay; Rebecca Johnson and Alison Young from the California Academy of Sciences; and Uriel Hernandez from Canopy. The issue also includes a profile of a Bewick’s wren, research on Sudden Oak Death, historic floods in California, and much, much more.
Cover image by Alice Zhuk


Bay Nature’s April-June 2017 issue covers Bay Bridge cormorants, Mount Umunhum, the creation of Eastshore State Park, and our local heroes.

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