Off-Grid Retreats: DHARMA OF NATURE RETREAT at Shelterwood Collective with Meditation Teachers Dawn Neal & Marjolein Janssen

About the Author

Off-Grid Retreats is a San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit with the mission of connecting people to nature through a mindfulness lens, to facilitate healing, and to conserve wilderness. We believe cultivating a mindfulness practice in nature is a vital component of healing our strained relationship with the environment.

At this moment, we predominantly coordinate camping meditation retreats throughout various natural sites around the SF Bay Area. We aim to create experiences that make mindfulness and wilderness appealing and accessible to anyone. So our retreats are priced on a sliding scale and we provide the opportunity for full scholarships.

The culture, conditioning, and belief systems of our past have created the climate crisis we now face together. By taking time to step away from the comforts of modern life, we gain a fresh perspective and deepen our love for the planet we’ve been neglecting. Love and compassion are the key resources needed to drive the changes that will restore balance to human ecology. Along the way, we’re building a community of retreat centers, nonprofits, practitioners, and teachers who align with this mission. To learn more please visit our website: