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Bay Nature magazineJul-Sep 2001 Issue

Transit to Trails (2001)

Make getting there part of the adventure with our map of the region’s transit-accessible trails. The map offers many ways to enjoy nature in the Bay Area without adding to your carbon footprint, including a forest-to-ocean trek on Mount Tam’s Steep Ravine Trail.


Car Free on Mount Tam

July 01, 2001 by Heather Evergreen

Mount Tam’s Steep Ravine and Dipsea trails take you from conifer forest to open slopes to sandy beach. And, best of all, when you take the bus and not your car, you don’t have to walk back uphill afterwards.

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Transit to Trails, 2001

July 01, 2001 by Marilyn Hope Smulyan

Each weekend, thousands of Bay Area residents try to “get away from it all” by driving to beaches, parks, and other open spaces. As a result, we contribute—unwittingly—to some of the very problems we are trying to escape. According to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, ozone levels in some areas can be higher […]

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