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Bay Nature magazineOctober-December 2011

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Urban Farms to Open Range

October 01, 2011 by Sibella Kraus

Even though foodie culture is an ever-growing phenomenon in the Bay Area, it's still surprising to many that nearly half the land in our region is dedicated to ranching or farming.

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Book Review: Ranches and Rolling Hills

October 01, 2008 by Sue Rosenthal

Ranches & Rolling Hills: Art of West Marin–A Land in Trust, by Elisabeth Ptak and the Marin Agricultural Land Trust, ...

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Reaping the Harvest

October 01, 2008 by Joan Hamilton

It’s easy to forget how much of the Bay Area was once a working landscape. Row crops, orchards, and pastures held sway in places now covered by freeways and houses. But a surprising amount of that working land endures in our parks and preserves. In the East Bay, ranchers still run cattle on thousands of acres of land, both public and private. And in a few places, thanks to the East Bay Regional Park District, kids and adults can learn firsthand about skills people once took for granted: how to plant a seed, plow a field, grind grain into flour, or spin wool into yarn.

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View from the Farm

July 01, 2007 by John Hart

You reach Fred Dickson’s place by turning south off Highway 37 near Sears Point on Reclamation Road, the very name ...

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Making Peace with Coyote

January 01, 2007 by Clifford Agocs

Clementine is a 130-pound great Pyrenees—a white shag carpet of a dog who sleeps through the day out in the ...

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Valley of Water and Wine

January 01, 2007 by Glen Martin

The Napa Valley was once a place of enormous natural bounty, fed by a vibrant, healthy river teeming with salmon and steelhead. Today, the valley is more famous for its managed bounty of grapes and fine wine. The river, hemmed in by vineyards, has too often been relegated to the status of a waste canal. But now a unique alliance of growers and scientists has come together to give the Napa's upper reach a chance to regain some of its wildness.

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Ballot Initiatives for Open Space

October 01, 2006 by Aleta George

Not so very long ago, two counties on opposite corners of the Bay competed to grow the best stone fruits ...

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Dance of the Cranes

January 01, 2006 by Mike Faden

The Cosumnes Preserve near I-5 in the Central Valley is a surprising mosaic of flooded rice fields teeming with birds, breached levees creating new forests, and a river reclaiming a landscape.

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Altering the ESA

January 01, 2006 by Aleta George

In October 2005 the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that, if approved by the Senate and signed into ...

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Livermore Valley

January 01, 2006 by John Hart

Along Tesla Avenue at the south edge of Livermore, rows of grapevines angle from the roadside, showing a trace of ...

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