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Big solar on ice in Alameda County

December 12, 2011 by Alison Hawkes

After one solar company proposed covering 2,000 acres of open space in eastern Alameda County, county planning officials are preparing a new solar policy that will take into account environmental concerns like the loss of wildlife habitat. The debate is the latest in a series of clashes nationwide between green power and conservation.

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A Day with the Eagles

June 07, 2011 by Isaura Linares

When the LA Times was looking to do a story about the perils of wind energy for birds, including condors near the Tehachapi Mountains, they traveled north to visit Doug Bell and Joe DiDonato, who have spent decades studying raptor fatalities at the wind turbines at Altamont Pass. Last week, I got to head out into the field to see how this work is done.

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Altamont Power Struggle

January 01, 2009 by Sue Rosenthal

Cost-effective and quick to install, wind turbines seem to be a leader in the race to develop clean, renewable energy ...

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Bats Threatened by Wind Power

October 08, 2008 by Jody Zaitlin

Studies elsewhere in the country suggest that bats may be suffering even more than birds as more and more windmills get built. And there are no easy answers: New, larger windmills considered safer for birds might be more dangerous to bats.

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Altamont Wind Resources Area

January 01, 2004 by Leah Messinger

As migrating shorebirds pass through Northern California, environmentalists hope they don’t meet the same fate as the hundreds of raptors ...

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