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Do Hummingbirds Reuse Nests?

February 07, 2014 by Alessandra Bergamin

After an unfortunate pruning accident, a reader wrote in to ask: do hummingbirds reuse nests?


What’s up with this Hummingbird?

December 05, 2013 by Alessandra Bergamin

A Palo Alto based reader sent in a photograph she took of a pretty funky looking hummingbird. "What's up with this hummingbird's face?" she asked.

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Venn and the Art of Hummingbird Identification

January 04, 2010 by John Muir Laws

In spring, not every hummingbird you see in the Bay Area is the same. But they’re all gorgeous. Jack helps us tell the difference between the Allen’s, the rufous, and the Anna’s.

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Letter from the Publisher

April 01, 2005 by David Loeb

Parking the car in front of my house a few weeks ago, I noticed movement across the street. It was ...

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