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Bay Nature magazineOctober-December 2017

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In the Bay Area, Big Birds are Back

September 25, 2017 by Eric Simons

Bald eagles, peregrine falcons, and ospreys are in the news. Is there a connection?

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The Romance of Raptors

February 12, 2015 by Beth Slatkin

Raptor expert Larry Broderick of Sonoma-based West County Hawk Watch has been enamored of birds of prey since childhood. We swooped in to chat with Larry about his favorite predators on the eve of this weekend's SF Bay Flyway Festival.


Bald eagles have returned to nest at Anthony Chabot

May 08, 2013 by Alison Hawkes

Bald eagles have returned to nest for a second year in a restricted section of the park.


Rare opportunity to see bald eagle in flight

April 15, 2013 by Joan Sparks

Sequoia takes a 30 minute spin every day with her Palo Alto trainers.


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