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Finding biodiversity in a bucket

June 05, 2013 by Alison Hawkes

Famed National Geographic photographer David Liittschwager teams up to bring the power of "one cubic foot" to the masses.

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Pepperwood Preserve

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature

Dedicated to the protection of the region’s rich biodiversity represented within its 3,200-acre Preserve, we provide unique open-space access to nature lovers, volunteers, students and scientists from the Bay Area and beyond. Half way between Santa Rosa and Calistoga, our Dwight Center hosts innovative public programs to engage our community and inspire conservation through science. Please visit www.pepperwoodpreserve.org to sign up for classes, learn more about programs, find out about volunteer opportunities, or to make a donation. Outside of public events and classes, Pepperwood is accessible only through appointment or via enrollment in on-site educational programs.

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Book Review: Cal Alive! Exploring Biodiversity

October 01, 2002 by Margarita Kloss

California Institute for Biodiversity, 2002 Professional Edition (3 CD-ROMs, classroom guide, poster), $250 Lite Edition (1 CD-ROM, no classroom guide), ...

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Butterflies and Bulldozers on an Island of Time

April 01, 2002 by Susan Zakin

San Bruno Mountain rises along the southern border of San Francisco, remnant of an ecosystem that once covered much of this peninsula. The mountain provides a tenuous refuge for some of the rare plants and endangered butterflies that have lost much of their former habitat. And it beckons to people who want a taste of the San Francisco peninsula as it was before Europeans arrived.

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A Slough Runs Through It

January 01, 2001 by Joe Eaton

On the edge of the tidal marsh fringing Suisun Slough, a streaky dark-brown sparrow gleans seeds of tules and other ...


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