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Bay Nature magazineJuly-September 2011

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The Middle Way

July 01, 2011 by Glen Martin

Grizzlies may be long gone and mountain lions few and far between, but many smaller predators are thriving in Bay Area wildlands and even in cities and suburbs. From plentiful raccoons and skunks to elusive badgers, midsize predators are major players in local ecosystems, so next time you hear the late-night clatter of garbage cans, give a nod to these scrappy survivors.


Close Encounters with Bobcats

October 15, 2010 by Ingrid Hawkinson

Bobcats are the favorite wildlife of Trish Carney, a San Raphael-based wildlife photographer who strives to capture the moments that convey an animal's character and spirit. And she does it well, yet with a patience and care that means she let's the animals come to her, if they want to.

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