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Carquinez Regional Environmental Education Center

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature

The role of this nonprofit organization is to effect wildlife habitat and enhancement, maintenance and restoration projects in the communities and open lands surrounding the Carquinez Strait.

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Seeing the Light with Bird Evangelist Alvaro Jaramillo

July 07, 2011 by Beth Slatkin

A self-described "bird evangelist," Alvaro Jaramillo loves to share his lifelong passion for birds both locally and on tours throughout the Americas. Born in Chile, Alvaro began birding in Toronto, where he lived as a youth. Asked why birds got his attention, Alvaro says, "They're easy to relate to -- you can see them, you can hear them sing. There's always a bird around!"

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Closing the Loop at Carquinez

October 01, 2009 by Aleta George

From the top of Dillon Point in Benicia State Recreation Area, you can trace the route of the Carquinez Strait Scenic Loop Trail, a 50-mile route that will, when finished, ring the strait.

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Making a Strait Loop

July 01, 2008 by Sherida Bush

Thanks to a collaboration between the regional Bay and Ridge Trails, a new loop trail will soon link the north sides of the Carquinez Strait.

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Carquinez Breakthrough

September 30, 2006 by Kathleen Wong

The open hills along the Carquinez Strait are home to working ranches and open space preserves that are meeting places for native species from both the coast and the Central Valley. Today's quiet pastoral landscape makes it hard to envision the violent formative flood that may have cut this critical waterway between the Bay and the Central Valley some half a million years ago.

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Rivers in the Bay

January 01, 2001 by Paul McHugh

San Francisco Bay presented a thrilling—yet possibly lethal—mystery to a young Spanish captain as he sailed up to probe the ...

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