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Bay Nature magazineOct-Dec 2014

Latest from Coyote Hills

Meet the Future: A New Generation Rising at the East Bay Parks

October 22, 2014 by Lexi Pandell

The EBRPD has become known for fostering long-term employees, but the baby boomers who were hired during the district’s major expansion years of the 1970s are retiring.


Who’s Suffering, Who’s Not as Drought Stretches On

November 18, 2013 by Eric Simons

As drought stretches on in California, local plants and animals are falling back on their evolutionarily honed behaviors for outlasting the dry.


Patterson Ranch in Fremont

July 01, 2002 by Sara Marcellino

Many of us think of the flatland stretch between Hayward and San Jose as mall-and-sprawl wasteland, but actually, some valuable ...

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