Talk: Climate Smart Restoration


Speaker: Dr. Chelsea Carey Healthy riparian forests provide many critical services to humans and wildlife, including clean water, protection from flooding, wildlife habitat and refugia, and climate change mitigation. Unfortunately, the majority of riparian forest habitat across California has been … Read more

log seating near Lower Codornices Creek

Nature Day on Codornices Creek (Berkeley)


in-person event Discover and celebrate nature on lower Codornices Creek, on the Berkeley-Albany border, 10 AM – 12:30 PM Sat., Aug. 7. Volunteers including Friends of Five Creeks have worked for more than 25 years to revitalize this creek, the … Read more

Naturalist Talks: Fish and Our Creeks


Grassroots Ecology staff will share stories about our local creeks, the fish that inhabit them, and the steps we can take to protect them! Steelhead trout are a charismatic member of our local creek life who, along with fellow members … Read more