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Siskiyou Field Institute

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature

Siskiyou Field Institute offers field-based natural history classes in and about the Klamath-Siskiyou Mountains of southern Oregon and northern California – an area of stunning botanical and biological diversity. Our classes offer lifelong learning opportunities about this unique region to people of all ages and interests. Whether you’re curious about birds or botany, butterflies or bryophytes, you’re sure to find classes at Siskiyou Field Institute that catch your interest. We also offer onsite camping and hostel-style lodging options our 850-acre campus; which is situated at the gateway to the Illinois River canyon. You’re invited to join us for our 2012 field season. Inspiring and informative classes, top-notch instructors, and a wonderful community of people curious about the natural world – you’ll find them all here at Siskiyou Field Institute. For more information, or to receive a copy of our 2012 catalog, email us at institute@thesfi.org, or give us a call at (541) 597-8530.

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Bay Trail Resources

April 01, 2007 by David Carroll

Richmond isn’t the only place where the Bay Trail is coming together. In fact, one of the longest continuous segments ...

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