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Audubon’s Birds of America book

July 23, 2012 by Bay Nature

Take a tour of legendary naturalist John Audubon’s Birds of America book, which last sold for $11.5 million and is ...

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Presumed Extinct

October 01, 2007 by Matthew Bettelheim

Mention extinct species, and most people think of long-gone mastodons and saber-toothed tigers. But we know that some Bay Area species have disappeared in just the last 200 years. Or have they? Prompted by rediscoveries of lost species in Solano and Contra Costa counties, we decided to see what other missing flora and fauna might still be out there, awaiting a patient observer.

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Raising the Dead: Bringing Ghosts to Life, October-December 2007

October 01, 2007 by Matthew Bettelheim

How do you commission portraits of species the world has dismissed as extinct, species no one has seen in decades? ...

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Rediscovery of Mount Diablo Buckwheat

July 01, 2006 by Christine Sculati

It’s rare that a species gets taken off what seems an ever-growing list of extinctions, but that’s exactly what happened ...

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