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Bay Nature magazineJanuary-March 2017

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Brightly Colored Parrot Mushrooms Love the Damp Dark Days of Winter

January 01, 2017 by Anna Towers

Parrot mushrooms love the dark days of winter.

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Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature

The Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz (FFSC) is an informal affiliation of friendly, fun-loving, sometimes frenzied fungophiles dedicated to the knowledge, pursuit and appreciation of wild mushrooms. The federation organizes many activities during the mushroom season from September through May.

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California Lichen Society

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature


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Perilous Beauty

January 01, 2009 by Debbie Viess

The beauty, and danger, of Amanita mushrooms.

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A Landscape Renewed by Fire

July 01, 2005 by Geoffrey Coffey

Enter the woods on Inverness Ridge and pause for a moment to listen. Natural history weaves itself into stories for ...

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Getting Grounded

January 01, 2005 by Anne Hayes

Long, long ago, in a time before time, the place where we now live was a deep sea. Beneath the ...

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Notes from Underground

January 01, 2005 by Mike Koslosky

It is often the smallest things that get overlooked, and life in the soil is probably the most neglected habitat ...

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Finding the Fungi

January 01, 2004 by Matthew Bettelheim

A good rain sends all manner of mushrooms pushing their way up from underground. Here are some of the places around the Bay Area where you can admire the beauty and diversity of these charismatic fungi.

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Why do mushrooms come in so many shapes and colors?

January 01, 2004 by Dr. Dennis E. Desjardin

In technical terms, mushrooms are the charismatic sexual reproductive structures of fungal individuals whose main body (fine, cobweb-like filaments called ...



January 01, 2002 by Elizabeth Rush

Is it a mushroom? A moss? Bacterial scum? Trod on underfoot or passed by in blissful ignorance, lichens are perhaps the least understood element of the Bay Area landscape. But they are everywhere. And when we look closely at them, a colorful and diverse world opens up before our eyes.

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