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Latest from Henry W. Coe State Park

Pine Ridge Association

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature

The Pine Ridge Association is the official state park cooperating association for Henry W. Coe State Park, Northern California's largest state park.

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Henry W. Coe State Park

July 08, 2012 by Bay Nature Staff

In the Diablo Range southeast of San Jose, Coe State Park is our region’s largest park, yet one of our ...


A Little Help from Our Friends

January 01, 2012 by Joan Hamilton

In spring 2011, the bad news about California's state parks hit: 70 parks were slated for closure by July 2012, including 18 in the Bay Area. Since then, volunteers, nonprofits, and public agencies have mobilized to contain the damage. At Henry Coe State Park, donations will keep the park running with existing staff. In Sonoma, closure loomed for five parks and groups have joined forces to create new models of park operation.


Coe’s Fire Followers

October 01, 2009 by Daniel McGlynn

The 2007 Lick Fire was a firestorm that consumed 47,000 acres, most of it in Henry W. Coe State Park, east of Gilroy. Just days after the fire, park volunteers were on the scene. Two years later the "fire followers" of Coe Park are still at it, and even in the face of park budget cuts, they hope to keep their research going for years to come.

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Act Now to Save California State Parks

May 29, 2009 by Bay Nature Staff

Now's the time to help save our California state parks from imminent closure under Governor Schwarzenegger's budget plan!

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Update: Expanding Reservoirs

January 01, 2006 by Kevin Cutler

2003 “What’s a Lake Like You Doing in a Place Like This?” While examining the recreational and habitat potential of ...

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Coe Kaleidoscope

April 01, 2005 by Winslow Briggs

When it comes to wildflowers, you can’t do any better than a visit to Henry Coe, Northern California’s largest state park. Winslow Briggs, who wrote the book on the park’s trails, walks us through a year of blooms, taking us from season to season in a wild but accessible landscape.

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The Lost Trails of Santa Clara

April 01, 2005 by Sada Coe

According to the ranchers and cowboys who ran cattle in the rugged Diablo Range southeast of San Jose, Sada Sutcliffe ...

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Bullet Trains in the Back Country?

April 01, 2005 by Matthew Bettelheim

Late last year, the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) withdrew its controversial proposed Central Valley-Bay Area routes that would have ...

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Bullet Train Through Henry W. Coe State Park and Orestimba Wilderness

July 01, 2004 by Christine Sculati

Where can you find more than 80,000 acres of wildlands with hundreds of miles of trails only 36 miles from ...

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