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From Indonesia to California – Protecting Pacific Leatherback Turtles

October 13, 2013 by Alessandra Bergamin

Did you know the Pacific leatherback turtle is California's official marine reptile? Nesting in Indonesia then migrating to Californian waters to feast on jellyfish, this elusive species is a truly global traveler. But with threats both in the Pacific and on their nesting beaches, the leatherback turtle may not be around for that much longer.


Leatherback turtles back in earnest

August 02, 2012 by elaubach

Pacific Leatherback Turtles have been spotted in the coastal waters south of San Francisco earlier than ever before. Sightings of ...


Sea Turtle Restoration Project

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature

The Sea Turtle Restoration Project fights to protect endangered sea turtles in ways that make cultural and economic sense to the communities that share the beaches and waters with them. Has offices in California, Texas, Papua New Guinea, and Costa Rica.

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Voyage of an Ancient Mariner

July 01, 2008 by Joy Lanzendorfer

The world’s largest turtle visits the Central California coast every summer.

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Long Line Fishing Update

October 01, 2007 by Jessica Taekman

On August 10, 2007, the California Coastal Commission unanimously voted to deny a fishing permit to allow experimental long-line fishing ...

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