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How Are Wildflowers Coping with the Drought?

February 13, 2014 by Sue Rosenthal

It’s tough to be a plant when there’s no water! Rainfall is one of the most critical—and most unpredictable—of all the factors that affect wildflower bloom. So how are they coping?


Critical Habitat Identified for Franciscan Manzanita

December 20, 2013 by Eric Simons

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has declared 230 acres of San Francisco critical habitat for the Franciscan manzanita, the oft-discussed rare shrub famous for its dramatic rediscovery and the relocation of a sole survivor in 2009.

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Letter from the Publisher

April 01, 2011 by David Loeb

Surprise (almost) manzanita blossoms halfway up a mountain in Borneo.

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Early Bloomers

January 01, 2011 by Sue Rosenthal

While transplanted New Englanders may complain about the Bay Area's inconspicuous seasons, true Californians prefer February flowers to snow shovels. What we lack in extremes we make up in subtle and unexpected beauty. On your winter walks, keep an eye out for the early bloomers, plants that brave winter weather for an early shot at pollination.

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The Presidio’s Miracle Manzanita

April 01, 2010 by Sue Rosenthal

A construction site along one of San Francisco’s busiest thoroughfares hardly seems like a good spot to find one of our region’s rarest plants. But that’s just where a passing biologist saw a manzanita thought extinct for decades. And now a whole lot of people are trying to make sure this lone survivor isn’t the last Franciscan manzanita.


Why is manzanita bark so smooth and red?

April 01, 2003 by Mike Vasey

What a seemingly simple, but deceptively complex question! Ultimately, perhaps, the least speculative—but not completely satisfactory—answer is that manzanitas inherited ...


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