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Bay Nature magazineOctober-December 2012

Latest from Marin Agricultural Land Trust

Bob Berner, Protecting Marin Farms for 28 Years

November 13, 2012 by Aleta George

Bob Berner, the founding director of the Marin Agricultural Land Trust, is retiring at the end of 2012, but not before protecting fully half of West Marin's farmland.

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Marin Agricultural Land Trust

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature

Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) was the first land trust in the United States to focus on farmland preservation. Founded in 1980 by a coalition of ranchers and environmentalists to preserve farmland in Marin County, California, MALT acquires agricultural conservation easements on farmland in voluntary transactions with landowners.

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Glean Team Clears the Field

April 06, 2011 by Juliet Grable

It all started with some crooked zucchinis in Bolinas. They didn't conform to the strict aesthetic standards of the market, so they were snipped from the vine and left to rot. The folks at Marin Organic recognized an opportunity and, and the group's School Lunch and Gleaning Program was born.

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Book Review: Ranches and Rolling Hills

October 01, 2008 by Sue Rosenthal

Ranches & Rolling Hills: Art of West Marin–A Land in Trust, by Elisabeth Ptak and the Marin Agricultural Land Trust, ...

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MALT’s Dolcini Ranch Purchase

October 01, 2008 by Aleta George

In West Marin, the Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) has purchased an agricultural conservation easement on the 585-acre Dolcini Ranch, ...

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People and Easements

January 01, 2006 by John Hart

From a modern house on a knoll in the Nicasio Valley, Randy Lafranchi, fifth-generation Marin County dairyman and second-generation easement ...

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West Marin

January 01, 2006 by John Hart

Driving out to the coast among the seemingly endless ranks of Marin County hills, studded with rock outcrops and spotted ...

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Ellen Strauss – In Memoriam

January 01, 2003 by Sara Marcellino

This past November, the Bay Area lost an inspiring, dedicated voice for the environment. Ellen Straus, matriarch of the first ...

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