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Bay Nature magazineOct-Dec 2012

Latest from Marin County

Bob Berner, Protecting Marin Farms for 28 Years

November 13, 2012 by Aleta George

Bob Berner, the founding director of the Marin Agricultural Land Trust, is retiring at the end of 2012, but not before protecting fully half of West Marin's farmland.

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Gallinas Watershed Council

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature

Gallinas Watershed Council (GWC) From the hills of Terra Linda to the wetlands of Santa Venetia, we use the watershed approach to protect and enhance our environment. GWC connects people who live and work in Las Gallinas Valley with their watershed.

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Farallone Pacific

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature

For two decades Farallone Pacific has taken a lifelong devotion to environmental activism and nonprofit advocacy and turned it into the first "Green" certified insurance agency in the North Bay. The Agency's clients include hundreds of nonprofit organizations, many green companies, and businesses entities on and off "Main Street". Over 4,000 individuals and families count on Farallone Pacific to protect their homes, autos, families, and lifestyles. A per centage of all sales goes to the many environmental organizations and non-profits that we support.

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Marin passes new tree cutting ordinance

December 16, 2011 by Elizabeth Proctor

The new Marin ordinance restricts the number of trees residents can cut down a year from five to two. But salmon advocates say it doesn't go far enough in protecting mature trees that are crucial to fish habitat.


Book Review: Ranches and Rolling Hills

October 01, 2008 by Sue Rosenthal

Ranches & Rolling Hills: Art of West Marin–A Land in Trust, by Elisabeth Ptak and the Marin Agricultural Land Trust, ...

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MALT’s Dolcini Ranch Purchase

October 01, 2008 by Aleta George

In West Marin, the Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) has purchased an agricultural conservation easement on the 585-acre Dolcini Ranch, ...

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Marin County Nonmotorized Transit Pilot Program

January 01, 2006 by Aleta George

Marin County is already home to many spectacular trails for recreational cyclists, hikers, and walkers, but there’s a new trail ...

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