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The Oakland Museum’s taxidermist: an inside view of wildlife

June 04, 2013 by Dan Rademacher

Oakland Museum taxidermist Alicia Goode has special insight into California wildlife.

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UC Davis-Bohart Museum of Entomology

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature

Home to the seventh largest insect collection in North America, with worldwide in coverage. The museum is also holds the California Insect Survey, a storehouse of the insect biodiversity of California.

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California Academy of Sciences

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature

The California Academy of Sciences is dedicated to exploring, explaining, and protecting the natural world. Under one roof, the Academy houses the Steinhart Aquarium, Morrison Planetarium, and Kimball Natural History Museum. It is an international center for scientific education and research that is at the forefront of efforts to understand and protect the diversity of Earth’s living things. The Academy's new building, scheduled to open on September 27, 2008, incoporates state-of-the art sustainable features including a living roof.

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Left to Burn

July 01, 2006 by Matthew Bettelheim

At the turn of the 20th Century, the California Academy of Sciences was the oldest scientific society in the western ...

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