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Bay Nature magazineOctober-December 2003

Latest from oak woodlands

The Essential Tree

October 01, 2003 by Gordy Slack

It's almost impossible to imagine the California landscape without oak woodlands. But this most familiar and prolific habitat faces a number of serious threats, including unchecked suburban development and Sudden Oak Death. Fortunately, many parks in the Bay Area, including those of the East Bay Regional Parks, offer welcome refuge for a variety of oak woodlands.

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Confronting Sudden Oak Death

October 01, 2003 by Sue Rosenthal

Although the disease is popularly known as Sudden Oak Death, the funguslike organism that causes it, Phytophthora ramorum, is also ...

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Oak Woodlands Resources

October 01, 2003 by Bay Nature Staff

To learn more about California’s oaks, contact the following organizations: California Oak Foundation 1212 Broadway, Suite 810 Oakland, CA 94612 ...

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Legacy of the Red Ore

January 01, 2002 by John Dorrance

Numerous animals make their homes in burrows in the hills of this Santa Clara County park, but none dig as deep as the miners who hauled mercury-laden ore out of the ground for 125 years.

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