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Bay Nature magazineJul-Sep 2010 Issue

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Marbled Murrelet, Mariner of the Old-Growth

July 01, 2010 by Kris Vann

This is a story about a little-known bird that's no owl, eagle, or peacock. It's not featured on a stamp or in a Disney cartoon. Most people haven't heard of it and can't even pronounce its name. But dig deeper into the marbled murrelet (that's MER-let, not mure-a-LET), and you'll find a story of scientific mystery and dedicated people working to help an increasingly scarce bird and its habitat.

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In the Shadow of Giants

July 01, 2004 by Gordy Slack

The hills above Oakland once held some of the largest redwoods ever seen, one estimated at 31 feet in diameter. Ten million years ago, such trees towered over much of North America. Nothing in this long history prepared them for the coming of men, armed with axes and saws, who felled all of Oakland's redwoods in just 15 years. But even second- and third-growth redwood forests hold their charms, not to mention the subtle suggestions of the forests they can once again become. And you don't have to go too far from downtown Oakland to find them.


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