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Trees snag Oakland’s first major creek daylighting project

December 20, 2012 by Alison Hawkes

A 250-foot stretch of Sausal Creek would see the light of day. But Oakland's plans to remove 84 trees, many of them coast redwoods, has raised an uproar among Dimond Park users.

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Tree trekker breaks records finding ‘extreme’ trees

July 20, 2012 by Alison Hawkes

Recent high-school graduate Zane Moore is sitting — or rather towering — with the masters of tall tree finders. This ...


Save the Redwoods League

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature

Founded in 1918, the league has assisted in permanently protecting hundreds of thousands of acres of redwood forestland.

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Baltimore Canyon Open Space Preserve

July 08, 2012 by Bay Nature Staff

Visit Baltimore Canyon in winter for a great waterfall, and in summer for the shady forest trails. Located on a ...

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Bald Hill Open Space Preserve

July 08, 2012 by Bay Nature Staff

This small, 30-acre preserve offers trails surrounding the privately owned summit, known to locals as “Baldy”, The preserve borders lands ...

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Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve

July 08, 2012 by Bay Nature Staff

Walk among ancient giants at this redwood park just north of the Russian River. The 805 acres of Armstrong Redwoods ...

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Marbled Murrelet, Mariner of the Old-Growth

July 01, 2010 by Kris Vann

This is a story about a little-known bird that's no owl, eagle, or peacock. It's not featured on a stamp or in a Disney cartoon. Most people haven't heard of it and can't even pronounce its name. But dig deeper into the marbled murrelet (that's MER-let, not mure-a-LET), and you'll find a story of scientific mystery and dedicated people working to help an increasingly scarce bird and its habitat.

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The Key to Willow Creek

October 01, 2007 by Gina Covina

Thanks to the efforts of dozens of volunteers, a biologically rich watershed on the Russian River has become one of the newest additions to our state park system.

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The Rock in the Redwoods

January 01, 2007 by Carolyn Strange

Take a hike to a scene of otherworldly geology, hidden away in this Peninsula preserve's forests of tanoak, Douglas-fir, and second-growth redwood.


Sempervirens Fund Purchase

April 01, 2006 by Aleta George

The Bay Area has a rich history of women speaking out to protect lands we know and love. At the ...

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