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US Army Corps of Engineers – Lake Sonoma

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature

This division of the Army Corp manages Lake Sonoma for recreation, and also maintains a fish hatchery at the site.

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Bethany Reservoir State Recreation Area

July 08, 2012 by Bay Nature Staff


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Making up for a Bigger Dam at Los Vaqueros

April 01, 2011 by Aleta George

The Contra Costa Water District is enlarging Los Vaqueros Reservoir, inundating 340 acres of land that was supposed to be permanently protected. To make up for it, they’re going on a land-buying spree.

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Update: Expanding Reservoirs

January 01, 2006 by Kevin Cutler

2003 “What’s a Lake Like You Doing in a Place Like This?” While examining the recreational and habitat potential of ...

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Crystal Springs Trail Open To Public

October 01, 2003 by Leah Messinger

The Bay Area Ridge Trail Council and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) are encouraging the public to get ...

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July 01, 2003 by Gordy Slack

Lakes aren't a natural feature of the coast range landscape. But since cities need places to store drinking water, we drowned some valleys for reservoirs. While precious creek habitat was lost, these man-made lakes now draw bald eagles and other wildlife, as well as thousands of human visitors for swimming, fishing, boating and other summer pastimes.

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Bay Area Reservoirs and Recreational Areas

July 01, 2003 by Erika Brekke

There are quite a few reservoirs and artificial lakes in and around the Bay Area that are open to the ...

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More Dams Coming?

July 01, 2003 by Matthew Bettelheim

Despite their recreational and functional value, most reservoirs come at a cost. To build a reservoir, we must drown a ...

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