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Rodent bait a danger to wildlife

March 05, 2012 by Chris Torres

Got rats? As appealing as it may seem to have your rodent intruders done away with the drop of a few blue pellets, the city of San Francisco is telling its citizens: “Don’t take the Bait.”The campaign seeks to turn public opinion away from best-selling rat and mouse poisons for the sake of wildlife and the environment. The trouble is that the poison-infused rodents eventually become toxic prey to any creature higher up on the food chain. Stick to the classic snap trap, officials say.

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Got Mice? Get an Owl!

August 23, 2011 by Joan Curtis

Facing a rodent problem? Before you head to the hardware store for rat poison, Alex Godby, founder of the nonprofit Hungry Owl Project (HOP), wants to persuade you that there are better ways to deal with rats and mice.

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