Newts and Salamanders. Oh My! Nature Walk


Come join Marin Water for their “Newts and Salamanders. Oh My!” family-friendly, nature walk on Jan 22 or 29 from 1 PM to 2:30 PM at Lake Lagunitas. This event will be lead by biodiversity intern Andre who will share … Read more

salamander in fire

Which Bay Area Salamander Are You?


What salamanders live in the Bay Area? Ahh yes, salamanders. The under-appreciated amphibians, second to their more well-known and vocal (if slightly obnoxious) cousin the frog. For these slimy critters, existence under the forest floor or in murky bodies of … Read more

Brian Freiermuth

Alligator keeper and salamander seeker


When we put out the call for photos to go along with our forthcoming salamander feature by David Rains Wallace, I wasn’t sure what to expect. How many local salamander and newt photos could possibly be out there? Quite  a … Read more