The Secret Lives of Tiger Salamanders!


What’s black and yellow and is always smiling? The California Tiger Salamander! During this virtual Friday lunch presentation you will learn all about these shy and sensitive animals: Their lifecycle, where salamanders live and breed, why they are endangered and how … Read more

Newts and Salamanders. Oh My! Nature Walk


Come join Marin Water for their “Newts and Salamanders. Oh My!” family-friendly, nature walk on Jan 22 or 29 from 1 PM to 2:30 PM at Lake Lagunitas. This event will be lead by biodiversity intern Andre who will share … Read more

salamander in fire

Which Bay Area Salamander Are You?


What salamanders live in the Bay Area? Ahh yes, salamanders. The under-appreciated amphibians, second to their more well-known and vocal (if slightly obnoxious) cousin the frog. For these slimy critters, existence under the forest floor or in murky bodies of … Read more

Brian Freiermuth

Alligator keeper and salamander seeker


When we put out the call for photos to go along with our forthcoming salamander feature by David Rains Wallace, I wasn’t sure what to expect. How many local salamander and newt photos could possibly be out there? Quite  a … Read more