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Samuel P. Taylor State Park

July 08, 2012 by Bay Nature Staff

Samuel P. Taylor State Park offers a cool forest respite on hot summer days with redwood groves, open grassland, and ...

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Lifeline from the Feds

April 10, 2012 by Joan Hamilton

Samuel P. Taylor State Park in Marin is a popular destination for many of the millions of people who live within a short drive of this secluded redwood forest. With the park facing closure, the National Park Service stepped in to pay park operating costs.

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Return to Devil’s Gulch

July 01, 2009 by Darla Hillard

Memories of the 1930s in what is now Samuel P. Taylor State Park.

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Bay Area Ridge Trail

October 01, 2007 by Aleta George

The Bay Area is home to several regional trails, from the Bay Trail near the water’s edge up to the ...

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The Dream Given by You

October 01, 2001 by Jules Evens

The return of endangered coho salmon to their ancestral spawning grounds in this west Marin watershed is an essential component of the connective tissue that holds a fragmented ecosystem together. Greeting the salmon tethers us to the landscape's seasonal rhythms and reawakens a lineage that goes back to the first inhabitants of this place.

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