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Bay Nature magazineJan-Mar 2010 Issue

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Rafting Time for Diving Ducks

January 01, 2010 by Joe Eaton

The great rafts of ducks on San Francisco and Tomales bays, mostly surf scoter, greater and lesser scaup, and canvasback, are a wintertime spectacle. Scoter flocks can range from many hundreds to a few thousand birds. Why do they form these aggregations?


All in a Roe

January 01, 2009 by Glen Martin

This winter, as they have for decades, fishermen in the Bay’s last commercial fishery will launch their boats in search of spawning herring. These small fish come into the Bay from the ocean to lay their eggs. People aren’t the only ones on the hunt for herring; seals and seabirds depend on this bounty as well. But changing consumer tastes, rising costs, and unstable marine conditions have put the squeeze on the both the hunter and the hunted, and now the survival of this historic fishery is very much in question.

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Oil Spill CSI

January 01, 2009 by Dan Rademacher

The 2007 oil spill in San Francisco Bay may be bad news for herring.

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One Good Tern Deserves Another

July 01, 2008 by John Muir Laws

Summer brings a diversity of terns and skimmers to San Francisco Bay.

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Bay Trail Birding, Surf Scoter Decline

October 01, 2007 by Aleta George

Winter is high time for birding on the Bay, and now the San Francisco Bay Trail has become the area’s ...

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What is the largest species of fish you could find in San Francisco Bay?

October 01, 2006 by Michael Ellis

Q: What is the largest species of fish you could find in San Francisco Bay? A: Let’s limit ourselves to ...

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On The Move

April 01, 2006 by Doris Sloan

All of the familiar landforms we see here in the Bay Area—ridges, cliffs, lakes, and even San Francisco Bay itself—are products of the same titanic encounters between tectonic plates that produce our frequent quakes. Through a geologist's trained eye, we learn to interpret the signs these forces have left on the land around us.

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Book Review: San Francisco Bay: Portrait of an Estuary

October 01, 2003 by Sierra Senyak

by John Hart (text) and David Sanger (photography), University of California Press, 2003, 212 pages, $34.95 (www.ucpress.edu).   Early European explorers ...

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Toward A Healthy Bay

October 01, 2003 by Jane Kay

In the 40 years since the movement to save San Francisco Bay began, we have moved from desperately fending off more bay fill projects to proactively restoring thousands of acres of shoreline wetlands. Yet how healthy is the Bay that we are saving? What are the factors that affect the health of the Bay and what are we doing about them?

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Baylands Ecosystem and Community Profiles

April 01, 2001 by Marilyn Smulyan

A new resource is available for anyone interested in learning more about the fish and wildlife that live in and ...

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