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Bay Nature magazineApr-Jun 2009 Issue

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A Bayshore Getaway in Silicon Valley

April 01, 2009 by John Dorrance

Stevens Creek is a 20-mile stream that originates on Black Mountain at the crest of the Santa Cruz Mountains before cutting through the heart of Silicon Valley and out into San Francisco Bay. Eventually, the Stevens Creek Trail will run the entire length of the stream. But you can check it out now...

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Footloose and Car-Free in the Bay Area

April 01, 2009 by David Loeb

Make getting there part of the adventure with our update of the region's transit-accessible trails. From backpacking on Mount Diablo to strolling the Bay shore in Mountain View, there are many ways to get outdoors without adding to your carbon footprint.

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Overnight on Mount Diablo

April 01, 2009 by Ryan Branciforte

It has been over a year now since I took the plunge into car-free existence. The one-way, overnight backpack trip up and over Mount Diablo that I took last fall is one example of the kind of adventure I have been enjoying since I said good-bye to my car.

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Transit to Trails Map

April 01, 2009 by Bay Nature Staff

Download our updated map showing transit connections to protected parks and open spaces all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Up and Down at Point Reyes

April 01, 2009 by Joe Soule

If the Sweet Lumber Company had had its way, the landscape of Inverness Ridge in West Marin would be more ...

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Transit to Trails, 2001

July 01, 2001 by Marilyn Hope Smulyan

Each weekend, thousands of Bay Area residents try to “get away from it all” by driving to beaches, parks, and ...

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