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Point Reyes Elk Test Positive for Disease

February 28, 2016 by Alison Hawkes

A potentially fatal bacterial disease has been found among a free-roaming tule elk herd at Point Reyes National Seashore, raising concerns about the close proximity of wildlife to cattle on national parkland.


Con: Cattle Grazing Is Incompatible with Conservation

May 07, 2015 by Karen Klitz and Jeff Miller

Two experts on grazing offer their opinion on why cattle should be barred from public lands.


Tule Elk Relocated As Numbers Rebound

May 07, 2014 by Elizabeth Devitt

How do you relocate a 1,000-pound bull? Wildlife officials truck California's "homegrown elk" to new sanctuaries.


Tule Elk Rutting

October 17, 2008 by Jody Zaitlin

You can still see tule elk, the smallest of North America's elk, fighting for territory, mating, and raising their young in the Bay Area.

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West Coast Wapiti

June 09, 2008 by Rick Bacigalupi

An inspiring comeback: Recovering from near extinction in the 1870s, California’s tule elk populations have increased substantially. They can be ...

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The Herd Shot Round the Bay

January 01, 2008 by John Muir Laws

In a few spots in the Bay Area, you can get a glimpse of our state's signature grazer: the tule elk.

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Patience Rewarded

January 01, 2008 by Joe Eaton

You might be taken by surprise at this marshland wildlife area, with its plethora of wandering elk, playful otters, acrobatic owls, and diverse waterfowl. Just be sure it's not hunting season when you go.

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The Cattle Baron and the Elk

July 01, 2007 by David Carroll

The 19th-century cattle baron Henry Miller (not the noted California author of the same name), who once had an estate ...

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Megafauna Resources

January 01, 2004 by Matthew Bettelheim

To learn more about ancient megafauna and efforts to protect and restore the Bay Area’s megafauna: Megafauna Video Check out ...

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Tule Elk Rutting

October 01, 2001 by Marilyn Smulyan

October is the final month of tule elk rutting season, when the males fight it out for dominance and the ...

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