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What’s that western scrub-jay doing, anyway?

June 15, 2013 by Dan Rademacher

A western scrub-jay standing tall caught the eye of photographer Dave Strauss, and his photo gave us an occasion to celebrate the intelligence of jays, crows, and their relatives.

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Caching In

October 01, 2007 by Judith Larner Lowry

Think of the western scrub jay: screeching, assertive, a bully and glutton at backyard bird feeders. But also, as Judith Larner Lowry has noticed in her West Marin yard, caching acorns, bay nuts, and other seeds, many more than the birds could ever hope to recover. Given that these seeds can’t move uphill on their own, we owe our oak-studded hillsides in part to the forethought, and forgetfulness, of this very familiar bird. Lowry’s advice? Sit back and let a few of our local jays’ missed meals take root.

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