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Watching for Blue Bellies

June 12, 2008 by Laura Hautala

We've all seen these plentiful little lizards flitting about our trails. Did you know they're a critical food source and even help protect you from Lyme disease?

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At Home with the Packrats

October 01, 2007 by Alan Kaplan

What's that pile of sticks over there? It could be the home of a dusky-footed woodrat. If you could see inside, you'd find a tidy little home complete with bedrooms, a pantry, and even a few latrines!


The Gopher Underground

July 01, 2007 by David Carroll

Years ago, in my mother’s garden, an ominous mound appeared: a volcano- or horseshoe-shaped pile of earth with an off-center ...

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A Working Pond for a Working Ranch

April 01, 2007 by Aleta George

Walnut grower Craig McNamara often gets asked about his father, Robert McNamara, former U.S. secretary of defense (1961—68) and World ...

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Islands in a Sea of Grass

April 01, 2007 by Kathleen M. Wong

The East Bay hills are dotted with hundreds of ponds, many of which offer welcome habitat and shelter to native wildlife, from threatened California red-legged frogs and tiger salamanders to toxic newts, voracious water bugs, and migrating waterfowl. Just about any pond, from a verdant clear blue pool to the merest muddy puddle, has something interesting going on beneath the surface. But perhaps the most remarkable fact about these ponds is that nearly all of them were created as watering holes for livestock. Today, the East Bay Regional Park District is working to understand the complex relationships between native species, grazing cattle, and artificial ponds.

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Bay Area Natural Historian

January 01, 2007 by Rick Bacigalupi

Meet nature guru Michael Ellis, a frequent contributor to KQED-FM radio and Bay Nature magazine, as he explores the Bay ...

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Megafauna Resources

January 01, 2004 by Matthew Bettelheim

To learn more about ancient megafauna and efforts to protect and restore the Bay Area’s megafauna: Megafauna Video Check out ...

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Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley

April 01, 2003 by Sara Marcellino

When development and human infrastructure encroach on the natural territory of wild animals, and human-wildlife interactions increase, the result is ...

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What are your chances of seeing a black bear in the Bay Area?

April 01, 2002 by Joe Mueller

Black bears, Ursus americanus, are found in many forested regions of California. In the Sierra Nevada they occur in all ...

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Frog or Toad…What’s the Difference?

April 01, 2002 by David Rains Wallace

Originally, these Anglo-Saxon words referred respectively to species of the genera Rana and Bufo, Britain’s native taxa. (Rana and Bufo ...

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