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California Condors

by on January 01, 2007

The Big Sur coast has always provided nature lovers with an abundanceof breathtaking scenery. But one of the most majestic elements of thiscoastal landscape, the California condor, nearly disappeared entirelyin the early 1980s. Down to as few as 22 individuals in 1982, thecondor population became the subject of one of the most radicalrestoration efforts ever undertaken—all the remaining wild birds were captured as part of an ambitious captive breeding program. Thatprogram, managed by the Ventana Wildlife Society in conjunction withthe National Park Service, has now put more than 300 of theseawe-inspiring birds back into the wild, both along the Central Coastand at Pinnacles National Monument in the inner coast range. Featuresinterview with Kelly Sorensen of the Ventana Wildlife Society.

Produced by Rick Bacigalupi

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