Chinook salmon sighted in Berkeley creek

by on December 06, 2012

This fish, identified by a fisheries biologist as a Chinook salmon, was seen earlier this week in Codornices Creek. Fishing is not allowed in the creek. Photo: Drew Goetting


The discovery of a 24-inch fish, believed to be a Chinook salmon, in a creek along Berkeley’s northern border with Albany, has inspired a ripple of excitement in the community.

The large fish was seen at least twice this week in Codornices Creek, which runs from the North Berkeley hills, through the city and down along the southern border of University Village, north of Harrison Street. A creek restoration project has been going on since the 1990s in the area, west of Ninth Street, to help with flood control, form a more meandering bed, and improve habitat for fish and other wildlife.

(Fishing is forbidden in the creek throughout the year.)

Seeing a fish this size in such a small creek, said fisheries biologist Jeff Hagar, is “pretty rare” and “very unusual.”

“It’s pretty exciting to have a salmon in any stream, and particularly in a stream in an urban area like that,” said Hagar. ”Salmon are creatures of the wild. It’s nice to see them anywhere, and certainly nice to see them in a stream like Codornices Creek.” Keep reading

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