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INTO THE BAY: Read more about the remarkably still-wild San Francisco Bay in the January-March issue of Bay Nature. | Photo by David Liittschwager, Liittschwager.com

Nature News

Letter to the Editor: Protecting Diversity Is the Opposite of Xenophobia

Some non-native species are okay. But not all of them.

Ask The Naturalist: Do Badgers Hibernate?

Do badgers hibernate during the winter? And if not, when *do* they emerge from their burrows? Guest naturalist Susan Kirks answers.

Ancient Whale Bones and Megalodon Shark Teeth Unearthed in East Bay

A dam retrofit project reveals a treasure trove from the time when California had a vast inland sea.

A Story About Once and Future California, Written in the Rings of Redwoods

Why would a scientist count a quarter of a million redwood tree rings?

What Honeybees Have Taught Me About Xenophobia

Opinion: The American democratic experiment and the survival of the planet may depend on overcoming our fear of foreigners

Naturalist's Notebook
Naturalist’s Notebook: Good Algae Gone Bad

Blue-green algae has made some Bay Area ponds dangerous

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