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"The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker of Rare Wildflowers" This is a photo that botanists in the 20th century never thought would exist. Mount Diablo buckwheat was believed extinct after 1930 before its spectacular rediscovery on the mountain in 2005. In 2016 came an even more startling find: millions of seedlings on a slope in Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve. David Rains Wallace tells the story in the July-September issue of Bay Nature. | Photo by Lech Naumovich, Golden Hour Restoration Institute

Nature News

Ask the Naturalist: How Does a Spider Make Silk?

How spiders create protein-rich liquid and turn it into silk.

Hunt for San Francisco Bay Shark Killer Zeroes in on a Suspect

A protozoan pathogen appears to have killed thousands of sharks, rays and fish in the San Francisco Bay this spring.

Ask the Naturalist: Can Hummingbirds Taste Their Food?

What does a hummingbird taste in a flower?

Meet the Scientist Who Has Discovered More Than 1,000 Species of Sea Slug

Terry Gosliner, a curator at the California Academy of Sciences, looks through nudibranchs to see the world.

Summer Algal Bloom and Aquatic Grass Growth Forces Boats Off the Water in Berkeley’s Aquatic Park

A yellow-brown blanket covers the Berkeley Aquatic Park lagoon.

Ask The Naturalist: Why Are There Humpback Whales In the San Francisco Bay Right Now?

Good news: there are likely more whales in the Bay because there are more whales overall.

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