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A black turnstone blends into the environment near the Berkeley Pier. Read more about the creation of the Eastshore State Park in the April-June issue of Bay Nature. | Photo by Jerry Ting

Nature News

The Old Bay Bridge Is Coming Down, Leaving a 40-Year-Old Cormorant Colony Adrift

The last of the old Bay Bridge is coming down now, and with it will go a 40-year-old colony of double-crested cormorants.

How the East Bay Shoreline Became A Park for the People

A walk through the tumultuous history of the East Bay’s popular shoreline park.

Opening Shot
An Atlantic Bird Makes a New Home in California — Maybe Because of Melting Arctic Ice

Meet Morris the gannet, who’s not supposed to be here but seems to have made a home of it.

Ask the Naturalist
Is This the Worst Flooding Year Ever?

Was this year’s flooding the worst Northern California has ever seen?

What Leads to Great Wildflowers? The Formula’s Not Always So Easy.

A lot of rain isn’t always the magic formula for flowers.

First Person
2017 Conservation Action Award Winner David Lewis: With Ballot Measure Passed, What’s Next for Save the Bay?

David Lewis steered Save the Bay through the successful passage of a game-changing regional ballot measure to fund restoration. Now he sets his sights on the next challenge.

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