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A spur path leads to rare plants in Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve in the East Bay Hills. Read about Huckleberry's California native blooms in the April-June issue of Bay Nature. | Photo by Stephanie Penn

Nature News

Are There Any Plants That Do Not Photosynthesize?

Can a plant live without photosynthesizing?

The Most Visited State Park System in the Nation Is Remaking Itself and Wants Your Buy-In

Seven years after the crisis, California State Parks tests out a new model.

Watching Wildlife Move Through Sonoma Valley

Science has led us to an increasing understanding of the importance of wildlife corridors. Sonoma pioneers the monitoring of a series of corridors.

Discover the Rare Blooms of Huckleberry Preserve in the East Bay Hills

Rare plants are common in California. Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve sits in an ideal location to display some of the rarest of them.

Parks Are Our Shared Spaces, and It’s Easy to Take Them for Granted

So much of the good stuff in life happens in natural places, and it all depends on parks functioning properly in ways we can too easily take for granted.

On the Trail
San Francisco Nature, Mapped

A new look at nature in San Francisco.

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