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Coots take off from the Delta near Big Break Regional Shoreline. Read about seeing the Delta's birds by kayak in the January-March issue of Bay Nature. | Photo by Lee Jaffe

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After a Fire, Fast-Growing Flowers Lock in a Long-Term Recovery

We’re used to thinking about how wildfires change the soil for plants. But a UC Berkeley researcher wants to turn the relationship around and ask how the plants that spring up after a fire could lock-in long-term soil recovery.

Ask the Naturalist: What Are These Mysterious Tiny “Eggs”?

A reader finds what looks like pomegranate seeds at the base of her maple tree. Are they eggs? Galls? Or something else?

When Octopuses Thrived in the San Francisco Bay

Do octopus live in the Bay? Marine biologist Andrew Cohen’s answer may surprise you.

2018 Youth Engagement Local Hero: Sandra Corzantes

San Mateo County Park Ranger Sandra Corzantes has won Bay Nature’s 2018 Youth Engagement award.

2018 Environmental Education Local Hero: Lisa Micheli

Pepperwood Preserve President and CEO Lisa Micheli has won Bay Nature’s 2018 Environmental Education award.

2018 Conservation Action Local Hero: Walter Moore

POST President Walter Moore has won Bay Nature’s 2018 Conservation Action award.

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