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A stream flows through Harold Richardson Redwoods Reserve, where Save the Redwoods League scientists have recently discovered the oldest redwood south of Mendocino. Read about the McApin tree and the future of redwood conservation in the July-September issue of Bay Nature. | Photo by Mike Shoys, Save the Redwoods League

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It’s So Hot Everywhere Else — Why Not in the Bay Area?

Most of the state has set record temperatures this summer, but San Francisco has been cool and almost permanently cloudy because of its cool marine layer.

Do Mosquito Eaters Eat Mosquitoes?

The answer might surprise you.

Bay Nature Institute Announces Three New Board Members

Bay Nature Institute is proud to announce the appointment of three new members to its board of directors.

What Do River Otters Do When the River Runs Dry in a Drought?

A reader asks about the fate of a family of river otters living in Coyote Creek, which dried up in many places in the drought.

Do Dragonflies Tease Turtles?

A reader saw a dragonfly seemingly tapping a turtle on the head in the Sunol Regional Wilderness. Any ideas what’s happening?

Will the Salesforce Tower’s Light-Up Top Affect Birds?

Birds can become confused by glass skyscrapers and artificial light. What will happen with San Francisco’s newest skyscraper?

Webcast: What's Next For California State Parks?

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