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INTO THE BAY: Read more about the remarkably still-wild San Francisco Bay in the January-March issue of Bay Nature. | Photo by David Liittschwager, Liittschwager.com

Nature News

What’s That Sea Snail Doing in the Aquarium? (Working.)

If you look closely at the California Coast exhibit next time you visit the California Academy of Sciences, you’ll see a bunch of small black sea snails. Are they there on purpose?

El Niño’s Gone, But Some Unusual Southern Visitors Remain on the North Coast

Biologists found 19 live pelagic red crabs in Bodega Bay in January, a first.

Alameda Point Harbor Seals Thriving on a New Dock

Efforts to build a new dock for harbor seals in Alameda have paid off.

Letter to the Editor: Protecting Diversity Is the Opposite of Xenophobia

Some non-native species are okay. But not all of them.

Ask The Naturalist: Do Badgers Hibernate?

Do badgers hibernate during the winter? And if not, when *do* they emerge from their burrows? Guest naturalist Susan Kirks answers.

Ancient Whale Bones and Megalodon Shark Teeth Unearthed in East Bay

A dam retrofit project reveals a treasure trove from the time when California had a vast inland sea.

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