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Mount Tam, an icon of the North Bay, a peak that orients many of us, and a home to many. Bay Nature and the Tamalpais Lands Collaborative bring you the mountain and its stories in the October-December issue of Bay Nature. | Photo by Charles Kennard

Nature News

Where Do Shorebirds Sleep at Night?

Where do shorebirds sleep? Hint: it’s not always at night.

Ten Years After the Spill, a Look at Where the Cosco Busan Settlement Funding Went

Following the Cosco Busan spill in 2007, funding was set aside for restoration and recreation. A look at where it’s been spent so far.

Can the Bay Area Design Its Way Out Of Sea Level Rise?

Bay Area scientists and planners are hoping to shake loose some new solutions to rising seas by inviting in some of the best minds of the design world.

How Vulnerable Are Other Parts Of The Bay Area To Wildfires?

The devastating North Bay wildfires have raised questions about how vulnerable we all are to fire and what we can do about it. Fire ecologist Sasha Berleman answers.

An Early Look at How the North Bay Fires Have Impacted Undeveloped Land in the Region

Initially, it appears the fires played an ecological role for open spaces and undeveloped lands.

North Bay Open Space Managers Wait To Survey Losses

What remains of Sonoma and Napa’s natural landscapes is still unknown as open space personnel attend to human losses.


October-December 2017

Table of Contents

Mount Tam: A Mountain of Stories
Snorkel Surveys Reveal the Fish World of Mount Tam’s Creeks

by Ariel Rubissow Okamoto

Mount Tam: A Mountain of Stories
On the Hunt for Mount Tam’s Two Known Badgers

by Mary Ellen Hannibal

Mount Tam: A Mountain of Stories
Mount Tam’s First Botanist

by John Hart

Signs of the Season
Why Fall Feels Different in the Bay Area

by Alissa Greenberg

Conservation in Action
California Scientists Release a Fly to Control a Landscape-Suffocating Invasive Ivy

by Alison Hawkes

On the Trail
Western Sycamores Speak of an Older California

by Sylvia V. Linsteadt

Naturalist's Notebook
Best Spots to Find Migrating Swifts in the Bay Area

by John Muir Laws

Mount Tam: A Mountain of Stories
The Nature of the Dipsea Race

by Alisa Opar

Exploring the East Bay Regional Parks
Hiking With Dad

by Kathleen Richards

Mount Tam: A Mountain of Stories
In the Forests Around Mount Tam, The Southern Range of Northern Spotted Owls

by Jules Evens

First Person
Bay Nature Founder and Publisher David Loeb Hits the Trail

by Mary Ellen Hannibal

Ask the Naturalist
Ask the Naturalist

by Michael Ellis

Mount Tam: A Mountain of Stories
Nature and Culture Mix in a Theatre Amid the Oaks on Mount Tam

by Claire Peaslee

Mount Tam, a Mountain of Stories
Meet Mount Tamalpais

by John Hart

A New Publisher and Executive Director at Bay Nature

by Regina Starr Ridley

Bay Nature