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Fort Funston Trail





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Length: 1.25 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Halfday
Created by Hillary Smith

  • Accessible Parking


Fort Funston has quite a lot to offer, whether it’s striking 200-foot sandy bluffs, or the open space for your dogs to run free and wrestle around until its heart’s content. If you’re not a fan of heights or dogs, you can observe the gorgeous southwest coastline and the adventurous hang gliders leaping off it, from the safety of a wooden deck that is directly in front of the parking lot.

Make sure to bring a jacket, the winds are almost constant here. Beginning on Skyline Road and walking up the narrow trail (there are a couple), you will be surrounded by sea figs. Once you get to the wider dirt path, and round the corner you will be greeted by beautiful cypress trees that, at times, make a shaded archway. Be sure to admire them for their own beauty, because when you round the corner and slowly make out the coastline, it will be hard to notice anything else. The height of the cliffs seem to amplify the splendor of the water. Glancing down at the shore, you will notice that many dogs and dog owners are enjoying that same landscape. From these cliffs, you can make it down to the beach. However, it is not wheelchair accessible and is rather steep.

 Continuing along the main path, you will see a couple of trivial run-off trails towards the cliffs. If you’re the adventurous type, it’s worthwhile to follow one. The private views they offer are as scary as they are stunning. Moving forward along the dirt path, you will eventually see a parking lot straight ahead, and the path will continue along the cliff. Here, there are also a couple of run-off paths that offer great views- just be careful to not get too close.

 Continuing on the main path will locate you in front of the wooden ramp and bridge that leads to one of the best look-out of the site, where you can view the stretching coastline, the sloping hillside with the houses upon it, and some adventurous hang gliders taking their chances with the wind. A very easy trail with lots of rewarding views. 


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