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Sweeney Ridge Skyline

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by Transit & Trails


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Length: 4.03 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Halfday
Created by Ryan Branciforte

Park: 37.71444866 -122.50167847 park Fort Funston (GGNRA)

  • Bike Friendly


One word: F-O-G-G-Y!

We left San Francisco on a glorious sunny day feeling excited to take in the sweeping bay and ocean views on the Sweeny Ridge trail.   The BART trip was easy, and there is a bus pick-up station right there.  Be warned busses only come every 45 minutes so it is crucial to plan your BART trip in conjunction with your bus trip.  We took the samTrans #140 to Skyline College.  Upon arrival, it became obvious that there were going to be no views today.  The fog was thick, whipping over the hills, and dripping from the trees.  The trail head was just a few short steps from the bus stop.  We immediately began ascending the trail up to Sweeney Ridge, which started as a fire road, but eventually turned into a nice narrow dirt path with well kept stairs and fencing.  Although there were no views to be seen on this particular day, there were plenty of gorgeous wildflowers, pollinators, and rabbits.  After walking along the Sweeney Ridge for a about a mile, we turned right onto the Mori Ridge trail, and we began our descent.  Here the trail is steep and the gravel is a bit slippery.  After exiting the park land, we walked through a part of the Pacifica neighborhood, crossed highway 1 (you can stop your trip here and take the SamTrans #110 to Daily City BART or the #112 to Colma BART) and began walking along the ocean on a newly constructed boardwalk in Mori Point.  Mori Point has gone through some recent renovations. The sounds of the ocean crashing and sea birds squawking fill your ears on this portion of the hike.  Eventually the trail ended in Pacifica, we walked through a portion of the town, under Highway 1, and to our bus stop at the Eureka Shopping Center.  The SamTrans #110 bus took us to the Daly City BART stop, where we hopped on the train back to the San Francisco sunshine.

Although I was initially disappointed to be hiking in the briskness of the fog when the sun was shining down in San Francisco, the beauty of the scenery, the fresh air, and the pleasant company won me over.  A great hike, and a great day.

Thanks to Transit&Trails user Kate Kernerman for the Trip Description!

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