Best Bay Area hikes into wildflower country

March 28, 2013

It’s spring, and all you nature lovers know what that means … time to go see wildflowers!

You’ve probably already noticed them popping in little patches of dirt here and there. But why not treat yourself to a gluttony of wildflowers and head out to one of the Bay Area’s premier wildflower spots for a visual feast.

The beginning of April is prime time, smack in the middle of wildflower season, which runs from February to August. Check out one of these trails through wildflower territory and enjoy the large variety of native beauties.

Photo by flickr user jdnx (CC)
Photo: jdnx/Flickr

San Bruno Mountain, San Bruno

With breathtaking views of San Francisco from rolling green hills heavily dotted with wildflowers, this trail is one not to miss. Three endangered species of butterfly call this park home, so expect to see  many wildflowers being pollinated by beautiful insects!


Photo by flickr user Elaine with Grey Cats (CC)
Photo: Elaine with Grey Cats/Flickr

Edgewood Preserve, Redwood City

Known as one of the best places in the Bay Area to see wildflowers, this park boasts an incredible array of colors and hundreds of species within its boundaries.



Photo by flickr user ilya_ktsn (CC)
Photo: ilya_ktsn/Flickr


Henry Coe State Park, Morgan Hill

This large park holds many different types of habitats, and different wildflowers can be found in each one! For the most variety, head to the grasslands further in the park.


Photo by flickr user jar (off for a while) (CC)
Photo: Jar/Flickr


Chimney Rock, Point Reyes

Breathtaking ocean views await you on this hike, combined with plenty of wildflowers along the ridge-line for a visual treat. You may also see elephant seals down on the beach, too!


Photo by flickr user *clairity* (CC)
Photo: clairity/Flickr


Coastal Trail, Marin Headlands

Another beautiful ocean-view hike complete with a variety of wildflowers, this trail is breathtaking. There is also a decent-sized newt colony along the trail in a pond to keep an eye out for!


Photo by flickr user daveparker (CC)
Photo: daveparker/Flickr


Sycamore Grove, Livermore

If sprawling grasslands with wildflowers isn’t enough for you, Sycamore Grove has a large almond orchard (gorgeous when in bloom). Full of various small wildlife, this park is a bustling ecosystem in the spring.


Here’s a smattering of some of the native species you might see.


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