Bay Nature magazineFall 2002


Bioneers Conference

October 1, 2002

Thousands of activists, artists, citizens, scientists, and writers will come together this fall at the 13th annual Bioneers Conference, held at the Marin Center in San Rafael from October 18-20. Seeking a new paradigm for a healthy environment and sustainable world, these visionaries will discuss practical solutions for our most pressing environmental and social challenges. One of this year’s plenary speakers is bioethicist Andrew Kimbrell, editor of the recent compilation Fatal Harvest: The Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture, which in both words and pictures depicts the environmental damage caused by corporate industrial agriculture. Fatal Harvest, published by Island Press in collaboration with the locally based Foundation for Deep Ecology, is also the basis for the “Organic & Beyond” campaign, which seeks to reestablish our relationships with nature, the farmer, and the land. One of the book’s contributors is Jason McKinny of Purisima Greens in Half Moon Bay, a five-acre organic farm that distributes to farmers’ markets, restaurants, and retail stores in the Bay Area. For more information about Bioneers, visit; for Fatal Harvest or “Organic & Beyond,” visit; for Purisima Greens, visit

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