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Book Review: Caught in Fading Light

October 1, 2002

by Gary Thorp

Walker & Co., 2002

174 pages, $19

(800) 218-9367

They say that seekers are not finders. Marin author and Zen Buddhist Gary Thorp dedicates himself fully to the process of seeking a mountain lion in the wilds of west Marin—not to kill or study or even photograph the elusive creature, but simply to meet one, if even for an instant. In this small but rich book, Thorp takes us with him on a journey through the Marin hills, on solitary hikes day and night, stationary vigils, and extended drives, all the while sharing with us his growing knowledge of mountain lions and his Zen-influenced reflections on the meaning of the journey. Thorp says, “Part of the delight in looking for something is in not knowing when it might turn up.” Ultimately what matters here is not the object but the act of looking, the desire to see, and the deepening of vision.

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