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Book Review: Waterfall Lover’s Guide (Northern California)

October 1, 2006

Waterfall Lover’s Guide (Northern California), by Matt & Krissi Danielsson, The Mountaineers Books, 2006, 256 pages, $16.95

I never considered myself a “waterfall lover” before, but what’s not to love? Last summer, I found myself pulling over in my car to shoot pictures of waterfalls and point them out enthusiastically to my daughter on a drive through Yosemite Valley. Waterfalls do provide an irresistible focal point for a landscape, and give us that resplendent white noise of roaring water, better than any backyard fountain.

In this guide, husband-and-wife team Matt and Krissi Danielsson have compiled a thorough account of the waterfalls in Northern California, including 19 in the Bay Area. The book gives the details on 300 of the “best” waterfalls from the Oregon border to the mountain ranges south of the Bay. They are rated (from one to five stars), mapped, and coded for accessibility (foot, auto, boat), best viewing season, and type of waterfall (e.g., “plunge,” “horsetail,” “tiered”). The book even includes artificial waterfalls, such as Golden Gate Park’s Huntington Falls on the east side of Stow Lake Island. Concise descriptions include both directions and maps. Whether or not you consider yourself a waterfall lover, this guide will certainly make it easier to find out.

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