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Clean Water Act’s 30th Anniversary

October 1, 2002

The status of San Francisco Bay is of immense importance to our health and well-being. Keeping the Bay—and all other local waterways—clean remains a constant challenge, as more people come to live around its shores. October 18, 2002, marks the 30th anniversary of the federal Clean Water Act, a milestone in the fight to protect our nation’s water resources. Since 1989, WaterKeepers Northern California and its projects—San Francisco BayKeeper, DeltaKeeper, and Petaluma RiverKeeper—have helped ensure that the provisions of the act are applied and enforced here in the Bay Area. Their most recent victory was a court order compelling Tosco Refinery near Martinez to limit discharges of highly toxic dioxin into the Bay to levels set by the act. In celebration of the anniversary of the Clean Water Act, WaterKeepers is hosting a benefit dinner on October 17 in San Francisco honoring Congressman George Miller, D-CA, for his many years of supporting environmental legislation. For more information, contact (415) 561-2299, ext. 110, or check out or

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