For the love of mom

May 11, 2012

Humans may be the only animals who celebrate Mother’s Day. But there’s no doubt that babies of other species are just as attached to their mamas, at least until they grow up. I like to think they also get a warm, fuzzy feeling when they think of the female who risked life and limb to bring them into the world and raise them fit enough to prosper. 

Happy Mother’s Day to California mamas of all feathers and fur, fins and … yes, even those with exoskeletons. 

harbor seal

A harbor seal and pup. Photo by Alan Vernon.


A doe and her fawn. Photo by Dan Suzio.


Mallard and ducklings. Photo by Ingrid Taylor. 


A wolf spider and her unhatched spiderlings. Photo by Jonathan Bliss. 


A cow and her calf. Photo by Ashala Tylor. 


A great horned owl and her chick. Photo by Lee Aurich.


A tule elk and her fawn. Photo by Lisa Williams. 



An avocet (and her hidden chicks). Photo by Michael Yang.  


A sea otter and her pup. Photo by Mike Baird. 

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Alison Hawkes was a Bay Nature editor from 2011-2017. Before Bay Nature she worked in journalism for more than a decade as a former newspaper reporter turned radio producer turned web editor with each rendition bringing her closer to her dream of covering environmental issues. She co-founded Way Out West, a site dedicated to covering Bay Area environmental news.

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