David Lukas

David Lukas is a naturalist and author of the new book Sierra Nevada Birds (lukasguides.com).

Birds of a Different Feather, Flocking Together


Meander through an oak woodland, or even a wooded suburban area, on a winter day, and you’re likely to experience something strange about our winter woodland songbirds: You may not see them at all. Then suddenly the trees come alive with dozens of birds of several species.

Diving into Our Ocean Sanctuaries


While living for a while on the Monterey Peninsula, I found myself drawn time and again from the cafes and shops of Pacific Grove down to the waters of Monterey Bay. Sometimes I would just sit on a bench and look for sea otters resting and feeding their pups in the undulating kelp beds. My time in Monterey was a small but privileged window into the wonderful diversity that makes the central coast of California one of the richest marine ecosystems in the world…

Out on a Limb with Mistletoe


Most people know to watch out for mistletoe at holiday parties, but there’s a lot more to this plant than that one-note holiday refrain.