Doris Sloan

Doris Sloan's articles on the geology of the Bay Area have been appearing in Bay Nature since our first issue. Her book Geology of the San Francisco Bay Region was published by UC Press in 2006.

The Fremont Peak Experience


Discover rare rocks, distant stars, beautiful wildflowers, and a bit of California history all at one small state park south of San Juan Bautista.

On The Move


All of the familiar landforms we see here in the Bay Area—ridges, cliffs, lakes, and even San Francisco Bay itself—are products of the same titanic encounters between tectonic plates that produce our frequent quakes. Through a geologist’s trained eye, we learn to interpret the signs these forces have left on the land around us.

Down to the Sea Again


Daly City’s cliffs hold tales of ancient seas and volcanic eruptions. But don’t count on them to stand still under your feet, or your home.

Goat Rock State Beach


The Pacific Coast north of San Francisco is justly renowned for its scenic beauty. It is also geology writ large, where evidence of powerful forces still at work on our region is exposed at many places. Goat Rock State Beach … Read more