Leigh Michael

Leigh Michael is a Bay Nature editorial volunteer.

Deciding the Future of Candlestick Point Recreation Area


This Wednesday, July 14, California State Parks officials are convening a public meeting to examine the future of Candlestick Point State Recreation Area. Candlestick, to most people, means football, but the state recreation area just beyond the stadium is noteworthy in its own right: It was the first state park ever created specifically to serve an urban population, and it sits across South Basin from Hunters Point and draws many visitors from the industrial city’s southeast waterfront.

People Join Hands Across the Sand, Protesting Offshore Oil


As the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico entered its third month last week, people across the country turned out on beaches and shorelines to protest offshore oil drilling. In 33 countries and all 50 states, including dozens of sites in the Bay Area, the Hands Across the Sand event drew hundreds of people to join hands on Saturday, June 26, in a symbolic line at several spots in San Francisco and all over the Bay Area.